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Deutsche Fassung

GroeschlerHouse, still in the setting-up-phase, is not meant as a museum for exhibits of Jewish culture. It is supposed to be a centre for information, events and meetings focusing on regional Jewish and contemporary history. This means the history of Jews of our home region will be placed into the general historic process. „Contemporary history“ includes subjects, that not necessarily deal with the long shadows of the Nazi-past.

As an additional site for learning we apply to schools in order to develop modules for school subjects such as History, Politics, Religion and Ethics. We also are cooperating with adult education and offer various arrangements to the regional population as well as tourists.

With the help of appropriate material, media and arrangements like meetings or lectures we want to support historical knowledge and opinion building. We also act as platform for giving notice of events offered by other organizations based in our region Friesland/Wilhelmshaven.

Our plans: A modern basic exhibition on the 20th century; an area for individual original research; space for group-meetings and events with up to 70 participants; flexibility of rooms for special exhibitions; a regional library. And last not least: an adequate presentation of the cellar – mikwe.

At present the exhibition „History of Jever’s Jews“, originating in the year 2006, can be visited. Modules and arrangements are offered (see “Angebote”).